General FAQ

Do I need internet access to play?

Yes - a phone, tablet or laptop is required to access the Envelescape WebApp.

What does the WebApp do?

The Envelescape WebApp allows you to input codes to locks, ask for hints, and gain additional clues.

How Do I Play?

Just like an actual escape room, you’ll have to explore the room to look for clues and solve the puzzles. Once you have solved a puzzle, input the answer into the WebApp to receive a new clue.

How Do I Win?

To win the game, complete all the puzzles by typing the correct answer for each lock in the WebApp. When you have completed the last puzzle, you have escaped the room!

What if I get stuck?

If you get stuck, you can always get a hint through the WebApp. It is also possible that you don’t have the required clues to complete the specific puzzle you are working on - so you’ll have to keep exploring and come back to it.

WebApp Troubleshoot

How do I submit my answer?

When you input the correct answer, a green unlock button will automatically appear over the lock. No need to press enter.

What if no input text box appears when I tap on a lock?

If nothing appears for you to type an answer into when you tap a lock, you might need to refresh the page

Does upper case and lower case matter?

None of the answers are case-sensitive.

Do I need to use any special characters?

Unless specified, none of the answers require any special characters or spaces. Letters and numbers only.

I have the right answer, but it isn't working!

If you think you have the correct answer and it isn't registering, make sure there isn't an extra space at the end.

The WebApp isn't sized correctly on my screen.

Try hitting the Full Screen button in the bottom right of the WebApp.

Reset Instructions

Follow the instructions below to reset your game for replay (Spoilers ahead!)

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Thornbright Mansion: Chapter 1

To reset Chapter 1, return the clues to the following envelopes:

Clue #1: Repair Invoice

Clue #2: Blueprint (Top Half)

Clue #3: Family Safe Note

Clue #4: Last Will and Testament

Clue #5: Blueprint (Bottom Half) + Journal Entry