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Thornbright Mansion: Chapter 1

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You and your party of property investors are eager to view the illustrious Thornbright Mansion that has just gone up for sale, but not everything is as it seems. Strange damages, missing documents, and cryptic notes hint that there is something strange going on in this home.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

*Please note that all of our games require a device that can connect to the internet (smartphone, tablet, or computer) in order to input answers in the Envelescape WebApp 

What is a 'Chapter'?

The Thornbright Mansion Series is split up into three distinct Chapters. Each Chapter contains a new pop-up location within the titular mansion for you to explore, as well as expanding on the mystery introduced in Chapter 1.

Each Chapter is a complete experience in itself, but you'll need to play all three Chapters in order to get the full story behind the Thornbright family.

How do I play?

Each pop-up game contains several puzzles that require a word, phrase or number to solve. You'll have to explore the miniature 3D environment to find clues as to what the answers might be!

As you solve puzzles, you will uncover even more clues and story details.

Play Time

We estimate 60-90 minutes of puzzles to solve.


Our games are shipped individually by letter mail from Toronto, ON in a 9.5" x 6.5" envelope. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

Estimate Shipping Times:
Canada: 2-4 Business Days
USA: 4-6 Business Days
International: 4-7 Business Days

What's Included?

Chapter 1 includes:
- 1x pop-up room
- 5x clue envelopes

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jeric Tan

My cousins and I played the game for about 90 minutes and we had so much fun!! the puzzles are just challenging enough to feel rewarding when solved, but not impossible that it's frustrating. LOVED!! Can't wait for chapter 2 :-) !!

Tanja K
Fresh touch

This was fun way to play escape room game. You literally have a room to search. Waiting for the next chapters.

Kerry D
Sooo much fun!

The game was so much better and fun than I thought it would be. Great job! Excited and looking forward to chapter 2

Great fun and a novel way to present an escape room

We've played a lot of at home escape rooms and the pop up nature of enveloscape adds a special something to the experience. The game was neatly designed so that it fits in an envelope and it was fun to see how they packed a lot of things to explore into such a small package.
The game was relatively short, but left us keen to play the next chapter in the sequence!

Such a great game!

My friends and I love escape rooms and puzzles, and we were beyond happy with this one! Definitely one of the most creative escape room experiences we’ve had, great for friends or for families. We were also very happy to find out that none of the clues or game parts required permanent altering/damage, so it can easily be regifted or replayed with a new crowd. Great fun and really looking forward to Chapter 2!